Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Adobe Restoration

Part of preserving Mesilla history is restoring and maintaining its old adobe homes. This isn’t a cheap proposition and most home buyers won’t do it.

Here’s a wonderful example of a new home owner who’s willing to buy a neglected adobe and restore it:

This structure was built originally as a single room adobe in the 1860s, then added to over a period of 40 years. Here’s the original part of the house:

The lintels show the location of entrances, later closed in. Here’s a better view of the blocked doors:

Here’s a view of the living room and the corner where the fireplace was located and will be restored:

Another corner showing a blocked window and a restored wall:

In order to preserve this wall, it was necessary to add a new wall beside it:

Another example of repair:

This is one of the wonderful features of the structure, an arched door:

After the adobe walls are made structurally sound, they will be plastered inside and out, making an energy efficient home that will be naturally cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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